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Timber & Stone - Upcoming single!

We're getting set to release our second single from our upcoming single Timber & Stone is the second single from the upcoming debut album by Small Town Romance.

The tracl is a driving melancholic duet combines the flawless vocal blend of Jim Arneman and Flora Smith. The haunting song is intimate and regretful, nostalgic and foreboding. There is an uneasiness to the track

that will stay with you long after your first listen. Aside from the ar

resting vocal deliveries of both Arneman and Smith the track also features intricate layers of electric guitar and pedal steel with Shane Reilly guesting alongside Small Town Romance guitarist Jamie Argent-Jones.

To celebrate the release of Timber and Stone (due out of August 1

st)we'll also be releasing their first film clip. This clip is equal parts music video and short film displaying a rich,cinematic quality that is seldom found in the medium of music video.

To launch the single Small Town Romance will be playing a free show at The Union Hotel in Brunswick on August 6th from 7-9. The band will be joined on the night by pedal steel extraordinaire Shane Reilly. The show will feature of material from their upcoming release as well as a selection of the bands own favourite country


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