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Video Premiere on Rolling Stone Australia

We were so excited that Rolling Stone Australia chose to premier our film clip to Timber & Stone! They wrote:

Country traditionalists Small Town Romance inch close to their anticipated debut album via new single "Timber & Stone", and accompanying video, previewed exclusively today via Rolling Stone. Continuing on from lead single "Rambler" — released late last year — "Timber & Stone" twists and turns under the direction of the flowing narrative. Here vocalists' James Arneman and Flora Smith split duties, leading a verse each before rejoining for the quotable chorus, led by a poignant heart-punching query: "how long have I been this way?"

"Timber & Stone" masterfully mood balances, recalling lashes of regretful reflection and hopeful ascend. Equally, the clip's enthralling storyline — a compilation of small town scenes — is equally entrenched in beautiful simplicity and frustrating entrapment.

"It's a very atmospheric song, so we wanted to embrace that with the video, strike a melancholy tone but at the same time undermine it", explains Arneman, who directed the video. "We came up with the idea of doing a 'rural melodrama'; a dramatised clip with two main characters who you see at their best and their worst during the course of the video. We wanted to be playful, put that gritty rural Australian drama aesthetic up against some more tongue-in-cheek stuff, do away with the moral compass and throw the audience off balance."

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